Government  Budget

What we do know has been determined:

What we do know has been determined is since the Internal Revenue Service knows when any citizen owes a penny to the government or they owe a return, the government therefore is capable of projecting a budget.

There is no way we could tax our way out of the budget crisis the United States is in and there is no way we could tax enough.

If there was a way the government could have avoided the federal debt we have they would have already done it years ago.

In 1954 then President Roosevelt made a presidential order to divert a huge amount of "tax dollars" each year to "the alien question." Those funds go to the CIA because President Roosevelt kept all of a president's authority of civilian authority, and all of a president's military authority to defend the United States in war between countries, but transferred all of his military authority regarding "the alien question" to the CIA. Those funds go through the CIA to Black Ops programs. President Roosevelt went as far as to say he didn't want to know anything about "the alien question" until the matter had been resolved. He went further to say he didn't believe any future president should know or be told anything about "the alien question" so that the president could maintain complete deniability to the public and news media.

If these tremendous amounts of tax dollars are contributing to the cause of the United States not being able to have more income in tax dollars than expenses, then the United States needs to accept as a fact the current budget is not manageable and quit beating around the bush.

The United States needs to come up with another solution for these expenses tied to national security, possibly by separating the military budget from the civilian budget so the civilian sector can get on with its prosperity and thrive and thereby pay more taxes.

Although there are complaints about the Military overspending, this is not true. There are nations and powerful organization that are trying to construct a nuclear bomb to destroy the United States and its entire population. We know the crop producing soil of the top six inches of soil, which we call topsoil, would be contaminated with nuclear radiation and no longer be capable of bearing crops that are consumable without resulting in death of humans. Any survivors who try to reestablish civilization with crops would perish. Our Military must continue full force.

The approach President Barack Obama is making to reduce nuclear weapons is questionable. Russia said they would never sign the nuclear treaty to reduce nuclear weapons in use by 30% by both sides, then a few weeks later they signed. The nuclear materials from these nuclear weapons were not to be destroyed but put to use for peaceful purposes, however there is concern that is not what happened, that weapons grade nuclear material may be being used in the redevelopment of new nuclear weapons of the same size, but one-tenth the physical size.

If inter-continental delivery of nuclear weapons is not the issue, then we have yet to see what is the issue.