Contacts from someone interested in working for Department 5 need to send to the address on the home page a resume of job experience, military service, and educational background. A cover letter for the resume is needed that contains all of the personal information about why you believe you could provide a  service(s) of your choice, and a commitment to some personal funding to your commitment, to make the United States strong.

Candidates willing to commit a large amount of personal funding toward a commitment will be taken seriously.

Proof of funds between a range of $100,000.00 and $2.5 Million would be expected by a candidate discretionary to the information provided in the application period.

Interviews or telephone calls will not be conducted over the telephone. All communication will be conducted through the mail to the address on the home page.

A review of your application will take three to six months except in certain circumstances.

You may place a telephone call to advise Department 5 before mailing your application for completeness of your application and correctness of mailing address information, and preferred method of mailing and tracking.