Criminal Convictions

     Needless to say you will have great difficulty in getting a job, or one that will have much wages, but more importantly the facts follow:

     There is a great amount of trust citizens of the Unites States place on their tax dollars they pay the government so they can just go to work to earn the money they need to live a life comfortably without daily fear.

     The government also conceals information from the public that if they knew would cause citizens to be very uncomfortable and remove the style of comfort which we consider a constant in the way of comfort of living in America.

     Meanwhile, when President Obama presented his nuclear weapons treaty to Russia they said immediately Russia would never sign the treaty. Just a few weeks later Russia signed the treaty. The nuclear weapons treaty reduces the nuclear weapons on both sides, Russia and the United States, by 30%, with the description of what would be done with these nuclear weapons when they are taken out of the "nuclear weapons in use." Those nuclear weapons were to be dismantled and the nuclear material used for peaceful use, such as nuclear power plants, as the reports went.

     Later, those nuclear materials were used to manufacture new nuclear weapons just as powerful, but one-tenth the physical size. To be used where?

     In the next war, for those citizens of the United States to be survivors, they have to be available to fight to protect and keep in existence in tact the United States as a country. This will not be possible if every man, woman, and child has a criminal record and not eligible to serve in the military. Although we always perceive other countries as having to resort to using women and children on the front lines of combat, our day may be coming, and soon.

     In order to protect our country, the United States of America, it has become a matter of national security, we must have our criminal courts following the United States Constitution, State Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the police department rules of procedure, and the court's rules, all to the letter.

     Generally speaking, when a new law comes out, if it is not challenged for 3-years, the law has been tested and can not be challenged.

     The criminal courts have been violating citizens rights for so many years they actually believe what they are doing is right. But this is not true. When new laws are being written, nobody is taking seriously the United States Constitution or the Declaration of Independence. Everyone who is a United States Citizen needs to read these two documents. They are not ambiguous.

     The courts do not want to make a "blanket-review" for all illegal convictions, because they state, "Why, we would have to release at least half of the people in prison if the law is made retroactive." What about recovering these people from prison to aid in protecting the United States? What about their personal lives restored? That doesn't matter at all?

     The way a legal document is supposed to work, or a law written, if there is found one thing wrong, the entire document or law has to be reviewed, and rewritten.

     Are illegal court activities by all the members of the court to include the police involvement resulting in a sentence just not important enough to be bothered with correcting?


     President Obama has stated there is not enough time for another world war before we have a planetary war. What if the president can not be more explicit than to say that, but involves the possibility that we are misinterperting what he is saying, as meaning that all of the countries of the world will be involved in the war, and maybe we are missing the point, that none of the countries will be fighting each other, and be united.

     The point being that every possible human being capable of fighting may be what is needed, man, woman, and child. Pardons are needed to regain every possible person back to society.

     With everyone sentenced for serious crimes being released directly from the courtroom on to a "parole and probation," who is to say resetting our capacity in the prisons and jails to one-half, is not a good idea to restart civilization in the United States, with a sudden availability for criminals to be sent to prison for a long time.

     The projected statistics would show a dramatic decline in crimes being committed for some time before any resurgence. It would be the job of the government to steer these citizens into a meaningful place in society, and place these citizens in a state of civil commitment..

     Being sent to probation or being sent directly from the courtroom to parole would no longer be an alternative.