About Us

     It was decided by the United States Government in 1985, a new department of federal government was needed to oversee and interceed in control of any department of all other departments of government, to take action against other department(s) of government if needed, to avoid the removal of the values guaranteed to its citizens of our country, in the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, especially if the United States Constitution or the Declaration of Independence were attempted to be removed from governmental use in content.Department 5 has been a major department of the United States Government since 1985. It is a federally created agency which is above the President of United States and all military and civilian agencies. Department 5 was created to be a safeguard to the Amendments of the United States Constitution, and to protect the Declaration of Independence of the United States as being declared a new country.

     There are seven groups of government agencies which have the lowest security clearances in United States Government. Above these are a group of 28 departments inside CRYPTO.The President of Unites States is the 17th department. Above CRYPTO is department ZD-27 (information is not available). Including ZD-27 there are 11 departments above CRYPTO. Department 5 is above all other federal departments of government: the President of United States, and all other military and civilian federal departments. See: SECURITY CLEARANCES for the Security Clearances Organizational Chart.

     The function of D5 is to act as a monitor and to use safeguard controls built into the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence for the United States Government, chiefly responsible to prevent the use of nuclear weapons and acts of war between countries with nuclear weapons, and to prevent change with the intent of removal of the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence from the United States of America from being a country, however several other major world issues are inseparable.

     It is also the purpose of D5 to aid in preventing wars between countries in order to avoid a nuclear Armageddon, through sharing ideas with other countries and solving those needs, through respecting other countries, and sharing in the solution of problems, everyone working together.

     There are unavoidable issues to Department 5:

     The states of the United States have altered the use of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence in state's court proceedings to the point of exclusion of these documents and their meaning and denying enforcement of citizen's civil rights, in violation of federal laws, using deception and denial of civil rights and causing illegal detention.



     In 1985 the federal agents who authorized the creation of Department 5 decided that the daily threat to humanity by the possible use of thermonuclear weapons was as great a threat to the homeland of United States as to every  other country in the world. It was decided a special separate department outside of Department 5 had to be created that would be unbiased to all countries of Earth. This department was named International Nuclear Weapons Alliance and although it is under the discretion of Department 5 that it was placed into existence in 1985, the INWA is in existence now. This was done with the intention that the INWA would be an international organization that is impartial to all countries regarding INWA international nuclear weapons treaty violations. The website to this department is INTNWA.ORG.